Mini Sessions are fun, short but sweet photo sessions that are about 15 to 20 minutes long and just the perfect amount of time to fit into your busy day to be captured in one of your favorite times of the year. Mostly but not always, minis are themed, meaning they'd include props, a specific number of slots available for clients to book and are usually held at a location that ties into the "season".

Promotions are always offered sporadically throughout the year so be sure to inquire if there's any available. They include percentages off, special session pricing, and session giveaways!!


It’s summertime and the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the lemonade is fresh! Summertime Lemonade Stand Minis are in full swing all summer long! These minis are short and sweet, and with real lemonade as a treat (if you’re interested in a thirst quencher)! They are great for a fit in your day photoshoot over the summer to capture your little one getting made in the shade.

These minis will be held at the Allentown Rose Garden, nestled in a cooled area and are great for ages as early as 8 months old to 7 or 8 years old with a max height of 55 inches tall (or adults that are a kid at heart lol I don’t judge). The lemonade stand is adjustable so the kiddos that just started to get their first steps in could be comfortably photographed. Life's handing you lemons, so come and get captured with them!


Mommy + Me Mini's are one of the most popular mini sessions to date. They make the perfect gift for Mother's Day, plus, who wouldn't want to have mom captured while smiling ear to ear with her mini or her baby boy?! These sessions are generally held at a local park and have either propped seating, a blanket for low cuddles or benches on location. These sessions are promoted each May. They are 20-minute sessions with a certain number of photos delivered.  


Day with Daddy Mini Sessions are a wonderful way to show dad how much you appreciate him. A photo goes a long way, way longer than the usual set of tools and pair of socks that he gets every Father's Day lol These sessions are promoted each June and mirror the 20-minute session length as the Mommy + Me's. 


Fall and Mini's go together almost as good as Pumpkin Spiced Latte's and Pumpkin Roll! These sessions are either themed, with hay bales and other fall props, or held on a specific date with time slots at a specific location. They can be anywhere from 15-to-30-minute sessions with a certain number of photos delivered. Clients may purchase additional photos for $10 each. 


Indoor Christmas or Holiday Mini's are available for clients that prefer a warmer environment. These Mini Sessions, when advertised or requested, are similar to other themed minis with a 15-to-20-minute session time, set quantity of photos delivered with the option to purchase more and a quick turnaround time since most photos such as these are mailed to friends and families for cards. Note: These sessions are only possible if the studio has availability. 


Outdoor Christmas or Holiday Mini's are available for clients that are looking to have the more outdoors and natural feel they may have in mind. These sessions are held at a tree farm, (Unangst Tree farm in Bath, PA if possible) or at a specific location with props that I provide but clients have the option of including their own. Just like the indoor Christmas/Holiday minis, these too are 15-to-20-minute sessions, a set number of photos with the option to purchase more and also have a quick turnaround time.